The battle of stirling bridge

Aftermath The immediate aftermath of the battle saw the English led coalition unravel. By July, Balliol had been captured and forced to abdicate and the majority of Scotland had been subjugated. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Edit The Earl of Surrey had won a victory over the aristocracy of Scotland at the Battle of Dunbar and his belief that he was now dealing with a rabble proved that he had greatly underestimated the Scottish forces.

Built in the nineteenth century, the Wallace Monument offers superb views of the battlefield and wider area. By March he had emerged as Guardian of Scotland.

Getting There The Wallace Monument is a major tourist attraction, is well sign-posted and has a dedicated car park.

The Battle of Stirling Bridge – a summary

The two sides met at Stirling Bridge. With a battle now inevitable Sir Richard Lundie, a Scottish Knight with local experience, suggested a detachment of cavalry be sent to cross the river at the ford several miles upstream.

Battle of Stirling Bridge Battlefield Report. Post code is very approximate. Defeat turned into rout as the trapped English, outnumbered 3 to 1, were slain in large numbers.

A Victorian depiction of the battle. Henty, a producer of and writer for the Boy's Own Paper story paperportrays the life of William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, The Black Douglasand others, while dovetailing the events of his novel with historical fiction.

This suggestion was rejected, seemingly on the advice of Hugh de Cressingham, to avoid unnecessary delay. A large English army commanded by the Earl of Surrey attempted to cross the River Forth via a narrow bridge in front of the Scottish lines. The Scots waited as the English knights and infantry made their slow progress across the bridge on the morning of 11 September.

Leake ordered the artillery up the road and in position at the gap in the levee to fire across the cane fields. Union Major General Nathaniel P. The two men finally met on the field of Falkirk in the summer ofwhere Wallace was defeated.

There is a surviving letter from the French king dated 7 November to his envoys in Rome demanding that they should help Sir William. Just west of Norwoods, the Opelousas Road forked to the northwest, crossed the Fordoche, and ran on to the Atchafalaya across from present day Melville, Louisiana.

James Stewartthe High Steward of Scotland, and Malcolm, Earl of Lennoxwhose forces had been part of Surrey's army, observing the carnage to the north of the bridge, withdrew. He then nailed it up quickly with hinges, and dirtied it with clay, to cause it to appear that nothing had been done.

Scottish Independence: Battle of Stirling Bridge

On Saturday they [Moray and Wallace] rode on to the bridge, which was of good plain board, well made and jointed, having placed watches to see that none passed from the army.

Defeat turned into rout as the trapped English, outnumbered 3 to 1, were slain in large numbers. When a substantial number of the troops had crossed possibly about 2, [6] the attack was ordered. His glory was brief, for King Edward himself was coming north from Flanders.

Battle of Stirling Bridge

Then the remainder fled, not able to abide longer, seeking succour in many directions, some east, some west, and some fled to the north. The English force of English, Welsh and Scots knights, bowmen and foot soldiers camped south of the river. The sharp head of the spear pierced right through the plates and through his body, stabbing him beyond rescue; thus was that chieftain struck down to death.

Losses among the infantry, many of them Welsh, were also high. The English quartermasters' failure to prepare for the expedition left morale and food supplies low, and a resulting riot within Edward's own army had to be put down by his cavalry.

The bridge itself is not sign-posted but easily found at the address above and has sufficient on-road car parking in the immediately vicinity.

The small bridge at Stirling was only broad enough to allow two horsemen to cross abreast. Mouton had realized the opportunity to gobble up this small force and on the 19th had ordered Green to plan an attack, with the final decision made on the 25th.

Unlike the depiction in Braveheart (), the Battle of Stirling Bridge was fought near a wooden bridge, and not in an open field.

Battle of Stirling Bridge

Before the English could finish crossing, the Scots attacked. In the frenzy to retreat back over the bridge, the whole thing collapse in the River Forth. Many of the English drowned while those trapped.

Battle of Stirling's Plantation

The Battle of Stirling Bridge was a battle of the First War of Scottish Independence. On 11 Septemberthe forces of Andrew Moray and William Wallace defeated the combined English forces of John de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey, and Hugh de Cressingham near Stirling, on the River douglasishere.comm Wallace Andrew de Moray†: Earl of Surrey, Hugh de Cressingham†.

The first major defeat of the English in the Wars of Scottish Independence, the Battle of Stirling Bridge afforded Sir William Wallace the opportunity to prove his military credentials and obtain significant political power.

His victory here led to almost all of Scotland briefly coming under his control. The actual bridge of the battle was destroyed at the time. The current 'old' bridge was built downstream of it in the 16th century and is still in use by pedestrians. There is a plaque on the east end of the bridge, with a small portion of meadow adjacent, but it is thought that most of the fighting took place on ground that is now built over.

In the Battle of Stirling Bridge () Sir William Wallace, the Scottish national leader, routed the English, and in at the Battle of Bannockburn, miles (4 km) south, the English under Edward II were defeated and the Scots regained their independence.

The Real Location of Stirling Bridge

From then until the. The first major defeat of the English in the Wars of Scottish Independence, the Battle of Stirling Bridge afforded Sir William Wallace the opportunity to prove his .

The battle of stirling bridge
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