The importance of rainforests essay

But sadly, an average of 35 species of rainforest animals are becoming extinct every day. Most of these forests are located in developing and underdeveloped countries and these countries do not have the resources to tackle the problem by themselves.

As I was exploring the rainforest I noticed that it is very hot, wet and sticky- very humid. Mining- the amazon is rich in minerals like iron ore, tin and gold — the forest is destroyed by the mines.

Water produced in rainforests makes its way all over the world. Here are a few examples: Various manufacturing processes change wood into a great number of different products. What are the effects of deforestation Forests are great natural repositories of carbon.

Quite often, areas of forest were cleared in such a way ex.: When they fall, they help a lot of light reach down onto the forest floor for other trees to finally get their chance to grow. A survey was given to ten people. For example, palm-oil plantations in the South East Asian countries have replaced vast tracts of tropical rainforests, especially Indonesia in the recent past.

Describe the development of the Amazon, the benefits, threats and changes to your way of life. Although individual members of the ecosystem die, the forest itself lives on. Second, the clearing of forests for oil exploration purposes directly destroys the forests besides opening it up for other destructive by people who follow the oil exploration crews.

These animals, in turn, are eaten by other animals. Tropical Rainforest Depletion Tropical rainforests are arguably the most precious natural resource on our Earth and constitute the world 's most diverse biological eco-system.

Tropical rainforests feature a wide variety of tall trees, diverse populations of plants and animals, warm climates and lots and lots of rain. Scientists believe that around half of the plants and animals found on the Earth live in rainforests.

Saving the Rainforests Tropical Rainforests&nbspTerm Paper

Prehistoric people got their food mainly by hunting and by gathering wild plants. They cycle essential nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, regulate temperature and precipitation, act as large reservoirs of water, protect watersheds from soil erosionand harbor pollinators for agricultural crops.

Any goodness that is left in the soil is quickly washed away by the heavy rainfall that happens in this region.

Amazon Rainforest

The trees in the Amazon rainforest are thought to absorb over million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. The wood of many of the forest trees - Douglas Firs, Red Cedar and the like - are particularly resistant to insects and decay.

What do forests do for us. The next day the sun rises-spring summer autumn as it were in one tropical day. Average annual rainfall here is about inches cm. A number of indirect factors also have a significant impact on tropical rainforest depletion.

If carbon dioxide increases in the atmosphere, it could severely alter the earth's climate. The Tropical Rainforests of the World By: Above, Steve, an old friend and mayfly expert, examines his catch.

Why Are Rainforests Important?

Check Out Our Tropical Rainforests Essay Tropical rainforests are located in the tropical belt that is mainly around the equator. The forests can be found in places where annual temperature as well as, precipitation is high. Essay The Tropical Rainforests of the World In this term paper, I will explain the great importance of the tropical Rainforests around the world and discuss the effects of the tragedy of rainforest destruction and the effect that it is having on the earth.

Amazon Rainforest Economic Importance. February 27, The Amazon rainforest is very important to the South American economy.

The Manaus region has a great electronics industry with brands like Sony, Panasonic and others. This is a result of Brazilian economic policies towards the Amazon region in the seventies. Argumentative Essay on Deforestation As human race is destroying the Amazon at an alarming rate, it is predicted that the Amazon, as well as all the other rainforests will be destroyed in the next 20 years.

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Exploitation and clearance of natural forests are destroying the environment and way of life for tens of thousands of indigenous people. Rainforests cover only two percent of the entire earth's surface.1 It is estimated that ninety-five percent of Nigeria's rainforest has been destroyed.

A Hong Kong company is logging out of Nigeria for the use of ply-wood, toothpicks, veneer, and chopsticks.2 People need to become more educated about the importance of the rainforest.3/5(1).

The Real Importance of the Amazon Rain Forest

The Amazon rainforest was amazing and there lots of facts that I would like to tell you about: [pic]The Rainforest grow around the equator.

The hot, steamy conditions are perfect for plants. [pic]In fact, rainforests contain the largest diversity of plant and animal .

The importance of rainforests essay
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