Understand the diversity of individuals with dementia and the importance of inclusion

Understand the factors that can influence communication and interaction with individuals who have dementia This unit will raise your awareness of the different communication needs and limitations of individuals with dementia in order to encourage positive interaction.

Many of the foremost scientists of the time took up idea of racial difference.

Level 2 Award in Awareness of Dementia

Their needs and preferences may have changed and as a carer it is important to try to fully understand their needs and to help support them. As such, the unit may provide evidence for the following national occupational standards in the children and young people s workforce developed by Skills for Care and Development: It is the responsibility of training centres to decide the appropriate course duration, based on their candidates' ability and level of existing knowledge.

If we hold the belief we from a preconception about the person. Centres should consider the candidates complete learning experience when designing learning programmes. Iris or Away From Her. Who is this course for. However, I want to take you to the next level.

Some individuals are from different cultural backgrounds, some have learning difficulties, a few are younger people who have recently been diagnosed as having dementia and others are older adults.

According to Donald Noel, a sociologist who developed a theory on the origin of ethnic stratification, ethnic stratification is a "system of stratification wherein some relatively fixed group membership e. When it comes to deciding on what interventions we will implement to move you forward, I will provide you with options that are compatible with your personality.

Explain in the Guide: Clients gain more clarity and insight into who they are and what they want in their lives and learn to see the various choices they have in each moment. Requirements To be eligible for a free place you must be: It holds that ethnic groups are only products of human social interaction, maintained only in so far as they are maintained as valid social constructs in societies.

Equality means treating everyone fairly and making equal opportunities available. Impact of activity on physical and mental well-being Social benefits of activities Activity as a basis for a model of care and support.

Learners with particular requirements We recognise that some learners will have particular requirements. Confusion could be a main reason for a feeling of exclusion.

Diversity is about recognising and valuing those differences.

Level 3 Award in Awareness of Dementia

Describe how current legislation, government policy and agreed ways of working support inclusive practice for dementia care and support The Mental Capacity Act is legislation which increases the legal rights of the person with dementia to be involved in decisions about their own health and care.

Candidates should be asked, for the case study they are considering, to: Lawrence Bobo and Vincent Hutchings propose that competition is driven by self-interest and hostility, and results in inevitable stratification and conflict.

It is possible, therefore, that the number of GLHs can vary significantly from one training centre to another according to candidates' needs.

This is in the context of debates over multiculturalism in countries, such as the United States and Canada, which have large immigrant populations from many different cultures, and post-colonialism in the Caribbean and South Asia.

This could be followed by asking the candidates to work in pairs and to give each a case study based on one of the individuals who have dementia given below: A cognitive ability profile would be helpful in establishing sound facts about the starting point when planning how to work in a person centred way.

How did they help the individuals to feel valued, included and able to engage in daily life.

Understand the diversity of individuals with dementia and the importance of inclusion

The Deputy Manager s role is to: Diversity recognises that though people have things in common with each other, they are also different and unique in many ways. Instead of explaining the marginalized status of people of color in the United States with an inherent biological inferiority, he instead said that it was a failure to assimilate into American culture that held people back.

Some other criteria include: It may be helpful to first brainstorm the different types of discrimination and oppression that could be relevant in care settings eg shouting, verbal abuse etc; and then to move on to the why it happens, AC1.

Until the time comes when the patient is completely nonresponsive, always talk to the patient respectfully, use low tones and look at them. Explain why it is important to recognise and respect an individual s heritage Describe why an individual with dementia may be subjected to discrimination and oppression.

To Barth, ethnicity was perpetually negotiated and renegotiated by both external ascription and internal self-identification.

The vital role of carers in such a scenario is also covered. When considering how current legislation and government policy supports person centred working candidates will need some tutor input.

QCF Level 3 Award in Awareness of Dementia

Understanding equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care Section 1 Understand the importance of diversity of individuals with dementia Section 2 Understand the importance of person-centred approaches in the care and support of individuals. Type of Event: Multi Art Workshop The events will celebrate diversity among Black Minority Ethnic over 50s in Newport through arts performance involving storytelling and drumming workshops.

DEM Dementia awareness LD Understand the context of supporting an individual with learning diversity and inclusion in dementia care 2 2 20 Knowledge * Barred combination with DEM DEM Understand the diversity of individuals with dementia and the importance of inclusion.

In all of the tables in this document, both the pre NQF Level and the NQF Level is shown. In the text (purpose statements, qualification rules, etc), any references to NQF Levels are to the pre levels unless specifically stated otherwise.

View all details on Dementia Care Level 2 course on douglasishere.com, the UK's #1 job site. CA22 Y// Understand the diversity of individuals with dementia and the importance of inclusion CA34 T// Principles of supporting individuals with a learning disability to access.

Understand the diversity of individuals with dementia and the importance of inclusion
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